Initial « Les Créations », supports the project
« In memory of me » by visual artist Stéphane Simon
The division « Les Créations » of Initial, Prodways Group, is especially dedicated to the fields of luxury, design, art and architecture. It produces exclusive, unique custom pieces via 3D-printing techniques. Initial « Les Créations » signed in 2016 an industrial partnership with visual artist Stéphane Simon to launch the project « In memory of me - toward a new gesture directory».
The idea of this sculpture project came to Stéphane’s mind in Barcelona in 2012. At the time, 3D-printing techniques available on the market were not ready enough to obtain a perfect reproduction of the gestures. 3 years later, technologies were perfected and the encounter of the artist and the industrial group Prodways, which Initial is a subsidiary of, allowed the feasibility of the project to be reconsidered. To reproduce the complexity of the gestures in movement with absolute perfection was finally possible thanks to the technologies available in Initial workshops.
Through this artistic and technological partnership, visual artist Stéphane Simon can lean on the more-than-25-years expertise in 3D-printing of Initial.